Bread Loaf - 1

Milk - 1/2 liter

Cashew nuts - 100 gm

Raisins - 25 gm

Sugar - 150 gm (1 cup)

Ghee - 100 gm


Cut bread slice in to small pieces.

Boil the milk in a separate pan.

Now heat ghee in a wok.

Then add the crumbled bread  stir fry. Once the bread crumbs soak the entire amount of ghee  turns golden brown in color, add the cashews and raisins then stir fry.

Once the cashews & raisins turn golden brown, add the boiled milk. Keep stirring as the milk would start throwing out. Mix well ... keep stirring for 2 minutes even after the milk has been absorbed completely.

When bread looks  dry, add  sugar stir it well for at least a minute. And turn of the flame. Once the sugar has been absorbed, you are ready to relish the yummy Bread Halwa.

Easy to make and Tasty to eat. This taste will remember u the Gulab jamun flavour.