My Orchid

My orchid has bloom some flowers

My Chillies

My chilli plant has given long chillies  my neighbors are more excited than me to see them growing...............

My Rose plant

My Rose plants has given me some flowers.................

Fruity booties

Fruity booties

I have reposted this booties from my other blog

I felt so happy on uploading this booties in a IL Forum on which I got more compliments from many new people and that got me many new friends on that forum. I got this pattern from a website. I was attracted by the colors used so I used the same. I just love them


Nighty with Kamal Kadai Embroidery

Kamal Kadai Embroidery

The  first Nighty stitched  gave me confidence to go on............... I tried the other Nighty with Kamal Kadai Embroidery. In this nighty kamal kadai embroidery was a trial ........... I was satisfied with the finished product.....

Kamal Kadai Embroidery

Nighty I stitched first

Ribbon Embroidery 

This is the Nighty  I stitched first.  I stitch my own chudidar but  stitching a nighty for the first time made me a bit nervous. But the outcome was satisfying. I have done some Ribbon embroidery around the neck and front

Ribbon embroidery 

Tissue Box Cover


I made this tissue box cover a few months back. I love this dark brown color when I got the yarn thought of making something I use daily. Then got the idea of crocheting a cover for my tissue box.First one is the side view of my cover and second one is the upper view.

Tissue box cover