Take 1 inch broad satin ribbon with a length of 38 inches. Leave 3 inches in the beginning of the ribbon and using needle and thread stitch an U shape of 3 inchs with running stitch continue for next 9 inches [ means 3 petals ]. Now roll the starting point [ FIRST 3 INCHES ]as u do for regular roses [ just roll without twisting] . After rolling stitch it to the cloth and make sure it should  not come off . Now slowly pull the thread on the running stitch in the satin ribbon. U will see petals forming, stitch it to the roll and cloth one by one forming 3 petals.U will get the first layer...............For  the next layer take 12 inches and follow the same procedure  as first layer with 3 inches U shape running stitch and pull the cod U get 4 petal stitch each to the flower then for the 3rd layer take a length for 15 inches  now U will get 5 petal and complete the rose by stitching it to the cloth U will get the rose. Keep increasing 3 inches for each layer . First decide the layer and proceed the work if the counting goes wrong u will be facing the problem while finishing the rose

In my rose I used a small rose in the middle which I made in separate [its the normal ribbon rose which we make by twisting] and started rolling the first 3 inches over the ribbon rose and continued the above procedure............As this my own method I would appreciate  if anybody has easier method than this can share it too..............



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