Even though we live in Chennai now my paternal and maternal Grandfathers was doing business in Colombo ... So most of our recipes will be based on ceylon style... even now when ever we are visited by our relatives in colombo  my mom use to prepare their unique dishes .... I got many recipes from her... will be posting them in future... kokis is also made in  Tamilnadu with a different name ... they call it Achu Murukku ... the difference is they avoid eggs ... Here goes my Kokis recipe for you all..............



Raw Rice flour                 - 1 cup

All purpose flour              - 1/4 cup

Egg                                   - 1

Sugar                                - 1/2 cup

Thick Coconut milk         - 1/2 cup

Thin Coconut milk           - 1/2 cup

Oil                                     - for frying


Mix raw rice flour and all purpose flour.

Sieve it together and set aside..

Extract fresh thick and thin coconut milk

Beat  an egg and add it to  thick coconut milk.

Add sugar to this.

Add the sieved flour slowly mix well and a make batter of dosai batter consistency 

If the batter is too thick Achu murukku will not be  crispy, adjust the batter with the thin coconut milk.

Take a frying pan for deep frying .

Add oil for deep frying. when hot 

Fully dip the mold in oil and keep for atleast 5 mins.

Once done take out the mold carefully and immerse half the mold in the batter.

The mold will coat with batter. 

Drop the battered mold in hot oil and shake the mold to get release the murukku,

If it is struck in mold just push it with help of  a fork and push it down.. 

Turn the murukku to cook other side.

Cook till they turn golden brown.

Repeat the process till you finish all the batter

Cool  it and store in airtight container.

Crispy Achu Murukku is  a good evening snacks for kids.