Biryani with chicken-65 and onion raita

This is my Biryani which I made for the holy night of Shab e baraat..............  I was very busy from evening in preparing biryani ......... distribution to neighbours and to less fortunate people was a big task for me...... following by Asar prayer .....prayer for ancestor and  Maghrib prayer  I was  a bit tensed......... as I was wondering whether I could finish 3 yasins............. By the grace  Almighty finished everything on time........... and had a satisfying night prayer too............... 

Chicken - 65

 The method of preparing chicken-65 you can check from my previous posts.........

Mutton Biryani


Mutton                 -         1 1/4 kg
Basmathi rice     -          1 kg
Onions sliced      -         6 big 
Ginger paste       -        6 tbsp
Garlic paste        -         5  tbsp
Green chillies      -         5 
Chilli powder       -        2 tbsp
Tomato chopped   -      7 big
Curd                        -   100 ml
Mint leaves             -     1 bunch
Coriander leaves     -     1 bunch

Lemon juice of    -          1 no
Salt                         -      to taste
Oil                           -     250 ml
Ghee                        -     100 ml

Whole garam masala 
Cardamom           -        4 no
Cloves                    -       4 no
Cinnamon             -       3 to 4 strips (1 inch each)  

star anise            -         3
Bay leaves            -     4 no


1.  Wash mutton well and keep aside. 
2.  Heat oil in a pressure cooker or thick bottom vessel. Add cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, star anise and bay leaves and stur for a minute.
3.  Add  chopped onions, green chillies (slit vertically), ginger and garlic paste. Continue stirring in a slow fire till the raw smell of onions reduces.
4.  Add chopped tomatoes and continue stirring till it gets smashed well.
5.  Add salt, chilli powder,  mint leaves, coriander leaves and  continue stirring  for few minutes.
6.  Add mutton, curd and continue cooking till the mutton gets 80 percent cooked. Add water if required.
7.  Cook the gravy in pressure cooker, once mutton is cooked you can transfer it to biryani vessel 
8.  Add lemon juice and mix it.
9.   Now add water in the ratio of 1:2

10. When gravy boils add the rice check the salt then close the vessel with its     lid. Do not mix after this stage.Your can open once and pour the ghee on the surface when all water is absorbed ..You need to put on burning charcoal above the lid .........Your biryani will be ready in 20 mins stitch off your stove and leave it .
11. U can open after 1/2 hr and check ....... do not mix vigorously ......... while serving take the rice from sides........

Biryani with chicken-65 and onion raita

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