Maida flour           - 1 cup

Sugar                     - 2  cups

Ghee                      - 1 cup

Milk                       - 2 cups

Water                     - 3 cups

Cashew nuts          - handful

Cardamom            - 2 tsp

Food colour          - red 


Take a frying pan .Heat ghee .

Add chopped cashews and roast till golden brown. Remove and set aside.

With leftover ghee, roast maida for 5 mins.

Take a pan add sugar and  water together and place it on a flame. when  the sugar melts completely and starts to boil. Add lime juice it.

Make a thick one thread consistency of sugar syrup. Once the consistency is reached 

Add water to maida mix well without any lumps.

Add orange color to maida mix 

Slowly mix into the sugar syrup and start stiring it well.

When it starts leaving the sides add Ghee slowly and mix well.

When the mix is cooked well the ghee will start oozing out of the mix

Add the roasted nuts stir continuously.

Grease the plate with little ghee.

Remove the halwa and transfer it to greased tray and spread  evenly.

Cut to your desired shape and size.

Yummy Maida Halwa is ready to taste.


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