Now you don't need a puttu maker ..... just a tumbler is enough to make your favorite puttu at home...........

Tumbler Puttu


Chemba rice puttu flour          - 1 1/2 cup

Shredded coconut                     - 1/2 cup

Warm Water                             - 1 cup

Oil                                             - 1 tsp

Salt                                           - to taste


Take roasted chemba rice puttu flour add salt to it and mix well. 

Add little by little warm water and mix well.

Make a powdery wet flour.

Set aside  for 15 mins.

Take a Tumbler fill a half  level of it with  flour, add  a small layer say 1 1/2 tbsp of coconut and then some more of rice flour and  fill the tumbler full and press it well.

Take the Idli cooker add water to it when it boils slowly place the tumbler in idli plate after greasing it with oil slightly tap gentle and remove the tumbler [as u do when removing anything from mold ]

Steam it for 10 mins.

Serve it with sugar and banana or kadala curry.