Hi friends!! Iam happy to announce...  its my 175th post in this blog ... I am sharing my happiness with you all by giving a sweet recipe... One of the familiar sweets in Southern part of India....Its my Son's favorite sweet and of course mine too...


Urad dal                                           – 1 cup

Rice flour                                         – 1 tbsp

Food Color [sunset orange]            –  3 drops

Oil                                                    –  for deep  frying

Sugar                                               – 2 cups

Rose essence                                    – 4 drops

Lemon juice                                     – 1 tbsp


Heat sugar in a pan along with water to immerse the sugar.

Make a syrup and add  rose essence. 

Add lemon juice if desired to stop crystallizing of sugar. Keep aside..

Soak Urad dal in water for 2 hours.

Drain the water and grind urad dal to a fine paste.

Add the rice flour along with food color, grind it for a few times till it is mixes equally.

The consistency of the batter thick.. when dropped in water it should float. 

Pour the batter into Ziploc bag and make  a small hole in it.

Take a frying pan.. 

Add oil and when hot. 

Squeeze  the jangiri batter in oil making jaangri shape..

Fry  jangiri on both sides.

Remove from oil and  immerse it in sugar pan for  3 minutes.

YUMMY sweeeeet Jaangri is ready to taste.........