Its a famous authentic snacks of south Tamilnadu......even though we are Chennai based for many years now we like our traditional dishes of  Thirunelveli..... nothing can be compared to those authentic dishes of our native..... One such dish is Munthiri kothu   which means Grapes bunch .... when my mom makes it balls will be seen joined with .... but I have made it separate as I feel this is easy to store and also easy to eat....



Moong dal  [pachaipayiru]                             - 2 cups

Palm Sugar [ Karuppatti ]                             - 1/2 cup

Grated coconut                                              - 1/2 cup

Raw rice flour                                                - 1 cup

Turmeric powder                                           - 1/2 tsp


Dry roast moong dal well. Powder it. 

Add 2 cups of water to the palm sugar or  karuppatti and make syrup till it is dissolved. Cool it.

Mix moong dal powder, coconut and syrup  well.

Make small balls and let it dry for a 5 hrs.

Make batter with rice flour and turmeric powder.

Dip the balls in the batter and deep-fry them.

Cool it and store in air tight container..

Tasty authentic snack with evening tea..........