Raw rice                 - 1 cup

Grated Coconut     - 1/4 cup

Salt                         - to taste

Sugar                     - 2 tbsp

Baking Soda          - 1 tsp

Water                    - as needed


Wash rice and soak the rice for around 4 hours.

Now add coconut into this and grind it till smooth adding sufficient water. 

Just take only 5 tsp of batter in a saucepan and add 1 cup of water in it. 

Cook it in low flame. 

Stir this constantly so that it turns to a  thick without sticking in bottom.  Once cooked  remove  from heat and allow to cool.

Now add this cooled mixture to the batter and mix well. 

Leave to ferment for 10 hrs or whole night.

Next day take the batter, add salt, sugar, baking soda in this and mix well. 

Pour some water and make it little thinner in consistency if needed.

Now take your appam pan and apply some oil in it. 

Pour a ladleful of batter in the middle. 

Hold the sides of the pan and swirl it so that the batter coats all sides.

Cover it with a lid and cook for 2 mins until it is cooked through. 

Serve it hot with Veg kurma or Egg kurma...

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