Yeah its my 200th post in this blog .... Very happy to announce it ... So decided to post an unique Recipe to make this post a  special one. Here comes my Chicken Stuffed braided Bread and Vegetarian friends  can add carrot and potatoes for chicken.. Tasty bread everybody can enjoy it...






Boneless chicken                    - 1 cup

Red and Green Capsicum       - 1 cup

Grated carrot                           - 1

Onion                                       - 1/2 cup

Green chillies                          - 1         

Garlic paste                             - 1/2 tsp.

Cilantro leaves                        - 1 tsp.

Salt                                          - to taste

Cumin powder                        - 1/2 tsp

Lemon juice                            - 1 tbsp

Soya sauce                              - 1 tsp

Oil or butter                            - 1 tbsp


Chopped Onion  and dice red and green capsicum and set aside.

Take a frying pan ..Heat oil or  butter, 

Add the onions and saute till translucent. 

Add the chopped capsicum and grated carrot, saute for about 5mins till they start to soften. 

Add the chicken and saute  till it chicken turns tender.

Add the chillies, garlic paste, salt and cumin powder.  Saute well..

Make sure that the mixture is completely dry.

Add the  soya sauce, mix well and switch off. 

Add the lemon juice on the mixture,  

Add Cilantro leaves and set aside..



All Purpose Flour                     - 4 cups

Dry Yeast                                   - 2 tbsp

Sugar                                         - 2 tbsp

Salt                                             - 1 tsp

Melted Butter                             - 2 tbsp

Warm Milk                                 - 1/2 cup

Warm Water                              - 1/2 cup


Preheat the oven at 190` C

Mix yeast with half the water and little sugar and set it aside to froth up

Sift the flour with the salt and in a bowl

Combine the remaining milk and water

Add all the ingredients to the flour mixture and mix well. Will be little sticky.

Now transfer it to a wooden board, sprinkle little flour and knead till dough well

Keep it covered in a oiled bowl and let it rise.

Roll it into a rectangle of 1/2 inch thick.

Keep the filling in the center of the rectangle and make slits on both of the longer sides.

Plait it softly covering the filling. like the below

After braiding

Start bringing the topmost slit end across from each other alternately

Keep going, remember to alternate, like a crisscross from one side to other .

When  reached the end, leave a tail at the bottom, finish it in a fold.

Transfer it to a oiled tray and let it rise for another 20 mins.

Apply milk or give an egg wash get get  golden brown.
After Baking

Bake in the pre-heated  oven for 30 mins or till the bread turns golden brown.

Yummy Chicken Stuffed Braided Bread is ready to taste...

With the above I made 2 braided breads.. If it is not set to raise well after baking the gaps will be prominent so let is stay for 20 mins to raise well...

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