Rajma Pulao


Basmati rice                                                     -  1 cup

Rajma (red kidney beans)                               - 1/2 cup

Green capsicum cut into squares                    -  1 cup  

Onion chopped                                                -  1 

Tomatoes chopped                                           -   2 

Garlic chopped                                                -  4 cloves

Ginger chopped                                               -  1

Green chillies sliced                                        -  2

Coconut milk                                                   -  1 cup

Red chilli powder                                            -  1 tsp

Cumin seeds                                                    -  1/2 tsp 

Ghee                                                                -  2 tsp

Salt                                                                  -  to taste 

Coriander leaves                                              -  to garnish


Wash the rajma  and soak in water for about 6 hours.

Add salt to rajma and cook it in the same water soaked in.

Once cooked drain the water in a container, keep the rajma aside.

Now wash the rice, add the 1 cup coconut milk, and 1 cup of the rajma drained 
water, add salt and cook it in a rice cooker.

Take a frying pan add the remaining ghee.

Once hot add in the cumin seed, when spluttered ....

Add in the chopped ginger and garlic, saute well.

Then add the onions saute till it turns transparent.

Add in the green chillies and the tomatoes and saute well,

At this stage  add in the salt and chilli powder.

Saute till the tomatoes turn mushy. 

Add in the diced capsicum and the cooked rajma.

Saute for few more minutes and remove. 

Add in the cooked rice and mix gently

Garnish with the coriander leaves .

Serve with any  Kurma and onion raita.