Tirunelveli Sodhi


Coconut milk [1st milk]                - 1/2 cup

Coconut milk [2nd milk]                -  1 cups

Moong Dhal                                 - 1/2 cup               
Potato diced                                 - 2 

Carrot diced                                 - 2 

Peas                                             - 1/4 cup

French Beans                             - 4

Lemon juice                                - 2 tsp

Salt                                              - to taste

Oil                                               - 2 tsp


Shredded coconut                        - 2 tbsp

Cumin seeds                                - 1 tsp

Green chilies                                - 4


Thick coconut milk from the first extraction and the thin milk from the second extraction.Keep aside

Pressure cook Moong Dal  with one cloves of garlic.Keep aside.

Now cook all  the vegetables  in the  2nd extract coconut   milk.

While the cooking processes is going on, make as paste with the ingredients given to grind.

Add this paste to the vegetables.

Add the cooked dal . [mash the dal and garlic well ]. Mix well and let it cook for a 2 min. Now

Add the remaining coconut milk [1st milk]. leave for a min . Do not allow it to boil

Heat oil in a small pan, temper with mustard leaves and curry leaves. 

Add on top of the sodhi and cover immediately. Remove from heat.

When Sodhi cools down add salt and lemon juice.

 Serve hot with Rice or idiyappam. 

Drumstick should be add for sodhi ..As I don't  have it today its missing in my sodhi.......