Peanut - Butter Balls


Self rising flour                    -  150 gm

Cornflour                             -  30 gm

Custard flour                       -  1 tbsp

Sugar                                    -  70 gm

Baking powder                     -  1 tsp 

Salt                                       -  1/4 tsp 

Egg                                       -  1 

Milk                                      -  180 ml

Vanilla essence                     -  1 tsp 

Oil                                         -  1 tbs 

Peanut butter                        -  10 tsp        

oil                                           for greasing                       


Mix all the flours,baking powder and salt .

Mix well and keep aside.

Whisk the sugar with the egg, until well mixed.

Add in the milk, mix well again.

Now add in the flour and mix until  get a smooth batter.

Add in the oil and the vanilla essence. Mix again and keep aside for about 30 minutes.

Heat a kuzi paniyara chaty. Brush it lightly with some oil.

Pour some batter into each holes about 1/2 level.

Add a little dollop of the peanut butter in the middle of the batter. Top up again with little batter to cover.

When  bottom slightly brown, flip the balls over to cook the other side.

Once it is brown, remove the balls.

Serve with tea or as a snack.

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